I run a zine imprint called Rooftop Friendo! It’s named after the roof of an apartment building in Brooklyn where I once lived for a summer.

You can buy PDFs of my zines on Gumroad or itch.io.

For official printed copies of Rooftop Friendo zines, follow these steps:

  1. If you’re making a bulk order for any reason, send me an email for special treatment.

  2. If not, send a private Venmo payment to @nathyafterdark including the following in the memo:
    • List of zines you want
    • Your email address in case I have to contact you for clarification
    • The full mailing address where I should send the zines
  3. Does Venmo let you put that much text in the memo??? Someone should try this and let me know.
  4. Use this formula to calculate how much money to send:

     // So if zine A is $1, and zine B is $2, and you want both
     // you send me $7 (which is $1 + $2 + $2 x 2).
     // And your address and email.
  5. I will mail you your zines as soon as I can.
  6. If this seems complicated and expensive, come find me at a zine festival. Sorry.

Stand-alone zines

Collected Writings

Failed Manuscripts

^ BS doesn’t stand for bullshit in this case. If we’re blood relatives, do not buy this zine.

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