Poster Quilt

I’m basically a hoarder, but looking around my apartment, most of the junk I hold onto is just flat paper/cardboard materials, some of which has legitimate sentimental value. Tonight I made a compromise with the part of me that can’t let go, and chose some of the more sentimental/aesthetically pleasing bits of junk lying around, and Gorilla Taped them onto a piece of cardboard to make a semi-presentable poster type thing. Basically scrapbooking, but better: the garish end-result of my labor will be proudly displayed where no one can ignore it!

Items included on the scrapposter, in top-to-bottom left-to-right order of appearance:

  • Flier for First Man distributed by the University of Utah as a free ticket to a free pre-screening for students (totally awesome).
    • Captioned with a portion of text snipped from a National Parks Service “Enjoying the Night” flier
  • “reading is sexy” sticker purchased from the lovely Back of Beyond bookstore in Moab
  • Masthead from one of Juli Jump Rope’s adorable Homebody Herald newsletter zines.
  • Top of a flier for the Salt Lake Film Society’s October horror movie festival (and to the right of that, another SLFS sticker)
  • Setlist I stole from The Anchorage of their set at Skalloween 2018
  • My American Newspaper Delivery Guild membership card, taped on backwards because the front side had my dead name on it. The A.N.D.G. is the wacky fan club for the comic book Paper Girls
  • My Moviepass card. I canceled my account a while ago because the service is terrible now, but holy crap—How amazing it was while it lasted! I must have seen hundreds of dollars worth of movies in NYC over the summer, and only paid ~$30 for it. No wonder that company went down.
  • “Priority * Mail *” cut out of one of the several boxes I shipped home to myself in Salt Lake before flying back from New York. I packed a lot of stuff into those boxes.
  • Cute little bat sticker from my Aunt Edie’s amazing Halloween care package! Pen pals are the best.
  • Sticker with the Recurse Center logo.
  • Watercolor painting that only took Shagun Bose about 15 minutes to complete during a Recurse Center Art Jam! It’s just so uplifting, I absolutely had to cram it into a Medium-Sized Any Weight shipping box.
  • KRCL sticker. I don’t listen very much, but I like the quails on it!
  • Various cards from an M.C. Escher-themed memory game. Great gift, but I only ever played the memory game once. Salvaged these cards because the images are the bomb dot com.
  • Picture from my brother’s graduation from Caltech
  • My ticket to see the top of the Seattle Space Needle
  • Photo of myself leaning backwards onto the glass of the needle. This was so terrifying and I actually had to ease myself into the pose.

Credit for both photos goes to my Dad.

Note to anyone else who might try this:

I think the whole scrap-poster thing would have ended up a lot more visually tenable for anywhere other than a college student’s room, if I had just papered over the cardboard first, maybe with some cute wrapping paper. (Which I just read isn’t recyclable, so it’s time to reuse all those extra rolls and not waste them!)