I don’t know if anyone’s been asking that question, but regardless, I’m finally here to answer it. Looking back on my last post, I can see that there’s simply too much ground to cover so I’ll skip to the summer.


I’ve started rewriting The Whisperer in Darkness. I’ve been keeping a public dev log on TIGSource since July. If you’re interested in where the project is going, check it out! Comments are much appreciated. The ambitious goals of the project are as follows:

  • Port the game to Mac and Linux
  • Get it greenlit on Steam
  • Support localization into other languages, including Spanish, for which I’ve already found a willing translator, Marc Tamarit! Since the game is public domain, the current plan is to work with as many qualified translators as I can for localizing the official version of the game, while providing online documentation for how to localize the game and release unofficial patches.
  • Add dialog voice-over to the game as an optional feature for people with visual impairments. For this I’ll be working with one of my close friends who’s been acting for several years, is a big Lovecraft fan, and wants to give voice acting a shot.
  • Add a one-button mode in which the interactive segments can be advanced by holding down a single button (another accessibility feature)
  • Soup up some of the writing, visuals, and sound effects to add polish

I’ve never done a serious commercial release before, so the entire process is new to me. I have to make a trailer and a press kit for the game before I submit to Greenlight and start contacting journalists. It’s so much more work than I expected it to be. So it goes.

Anyway, you can read the dev log for more in-depth information. Follow me on Twitter for information (probably in October) about the Greenlight campaign. I’ll need your help!

Games Critique

Chris Hebert and I entered a remote collaboration to motivate each other to make online programming tutorials. Soon my desires shifted from my original intention and I decided to start writing a weekly game criticism column instead. Hence the new empty “Critique” section of this blog. I should be releasing the first entry in this undertaking before next weekend. Hopefully I get the hang of it and start sticking to a regular schedule. This, too, is more work than I thought it would be.

Hope I’ve satisfied your burning curiosity. If I do have readers I’d love to hear from you on social media! One of the best things about joining TIGSource has been meeting and interacting with other devs online, and getting excited about other people’s projects and giving helpful feedback.