I need to issue a retraction of my last post. It was almost entirely false, because I thought a different version of reality would better support the point I was trying to make.

Protip #2

Don’t lie to support your opinion.

The truth is that I didn’t personally collect the pocket change which I used to purchase Super Smash Bros.

My brother did. He gave me his jug full of change when he left for college.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have taken credit for earning the change myself. I only felt comfortable doing so because weeks ago I cashed in my personal coin stash for significant gain (to buy Kentucky Route Zero on sale!) and felt compelled to share my lifehack with others.

Instead of warping the story to take credit for my brother’s efforts, I should have shared my gratitude, because without my brother’s charity I wouldn’t be going to GameStop after school on Friday to pick up Super Smash Bros. and enjoy it with my friends.

So thanks, and sorry, Noah!

P.S. My brother is really awesome.