I just paid full price for the first AAA game I’ve purchased in months of gaming.

The game is Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS. I placed my pre-order less than 15 minutes ago.

Normally this wouldn’t be interesting enough for a blog post (though maybe for a tweet). I find it remarkable, however, because I earned the money used to buy the game in a matter of minutes. And you can, too!

The money came from a CoinStar machine, and I earned it by saving the change from every minor cash purchase I made for several months. I placed this change inside an empty water jug, and when the time came that I knew I wanted something, and couldn’t afford it, I simply judged that the jug was full enough, drove to the supermarket, emptied it into the CoinStar, and redeemed a cash voucher for just under $40.

Clearly, this process is simple enough that it should be easy and worthwhile for just about anyone. So this leads us to:

Protip #1

Start collecting your pocket change. It’s far from insignificant.

My coin jug

And if you couldn’t tell, I’m really pumped for Super Smash Bros.