I’ve been annoyed with WordPress for a long, long time. Tonight I decided to finally do something about it, and I created this basic Jekyll site. Jekyll is a static site generator that allows you to create fast, simple, and light-weight blogs with three major advantages over WordPress (in my opinion):

  • You can keep your website’s source files under your own source control mechanism, such as Git. You can have local copies of your own blog posts. They’re not just stored somewhere in WordPress’s database.
  • You can edit your website’s pages using your own text editor, without having to work with any HTML. The boilerplate is generated for you, and you can write your posts in simple Markdown. I’m doing this right now for the first time in Vim!
  • Static sites are so much faster. It’s not even funny.

So that’s why everything looks so different, and a lot of the old site’s content is missing for now. This is the start of an ongoing project to take more control of my own site, even if it means losing some features (temporarily).